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Mentor on a Mission

Mentor on a Mission

I enjoy making things move with computers.  Robotics is a great entry point into a fun and interesting world.

There are a lot of students who are curious and would like to learn more and get started with basic skills, or have played with Lego Mindstorm and want to learn enough to be a useful member of First Robotic Competition team in full build season.  This mentor is on a mission to help those kids get started and help them go as far as they are determined to go.

Sunday, 15 April 2018 13:20

What is "Mentor on a Mission"?

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My name is Charlie Peppler. I have always had a passion for using computers to move things and make things. I've spent most of my career in connecting computers, devices, databases, and of course people. More on my background and why I started doing this later, but the first question is: What the heck is a "Mentor on a Mission"? I volunteered as a mentor for First Robotics Competition (Team 5459 - Ipswich MA). I enjoyed the experience, but after…
Sunday, 15 April 2018 19:29

Where to start?

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Question #1: Where to start? Well, if we're going to get something to move, we might as well start at the bottom of the "stack". Given that FRC uses all DC motors (steppers and servos are for more precise motion control), we should start there as well. Since we are working with the RasPI, motors need to be smaller. 12VDC motors (without proper power protection) would fry the Pi. Fortunately, I happened to have an old Lego Mindstorm set I…
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