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Work smarter, not harder. Produce more for less.

 Manufacturing companies, large and small, have a collection of information systems to support operations. 

The collection of systems can become a patchwork of disconnected islands of information.  Each system supports separate operational processes and requires specific skills to use and support them.  Frequently the same information is required in several different systems, with no means for the different systems to share that data.

This informational and system confusion has a direct impact on your ability to do business.  Your people need to act as the “data bucket brigade”, trying to keep different systems up to date, in sync and operational.  User interfaces are terrible. Different business processes are disconnected from one another.

This costs you money:

  • Expense of wasted indirect labor
  • Manufacturing errors that create scrap or decrease quality
  • Lost production
  • Lost opportunity of more productive work for your people.  

Investments in reworked business processes and systems return efficiency, responsiveness and profitability.

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