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  1. Vuzix M300 now supports 'TechSight', an augmented reality solution for distribution center workers developed by Honeywell's Intelligrated's for its Lifecycle Support Services customers.
  2. Based on the results from the study, IFS believes digital transformation will continue to accelerate in coming years since only 5 percent of respondents expected their budgets to decrease.
  3. Mitsubishi Electric’s portfolio of products and solutions include pre-configured diagnostic and maintenance screens, pre-configured operator screens and a pre-engineered application code library for designs. Pak/iQ is intended for bottling, pillowing and wrapping machines.
  4. This sensor features microwave sensors, which are known for high performance in unstable climates. The sensors send out waves, which are reflected by surrounding walls and objects.
  5. This device can monitor digital on/off status, actuate relay outputs, and transmit or receive 4–20 mA signals over distances up to 20 miles. The I/O signals can be mirrored at other stations in the wireless network or mapped to Modbus RTU for integration into a Modbus host system.
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