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  1. The binder Series 696 HEC was developed specifically for use in challenging environments. A3-point bayonet locking mechanism and binder’s lightweight plastic design ensures that the connectors are highly resistant against climatic conditions, chemical substances, and other industrial hazards.
  2. Superior Controls Co-founder and President Rick Pierro will continue as president of Superior Controls’ life sciences solutions vertical, reporting to ETech CEO Ralph Carter, and will also join the ETech board. Superior Controls will retain its name and maintain the company’s focus in serving the life sciences industry.
  3. By Kinichi Kitano, Yokogawa When a network device vendor promises security, what does it mean? Understanding how security works and what each vendor is actually providing can make a major difference.
  4. To keep operations at the site in Ribe smooth and efficient, DTE needed a communication network technology able to connect the inverters to PLCs and ensure that the machines could instantly adjust their parameters for optimal performance.
  5. With 20 years of first-hand knowledge in developing public safety products for the U.S market, he will be directly overseeing a team of engineers working on the public safety DAS, commercial wireless and Wi-Fi Distributed Antenna Systems.
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