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The pressure is on.

The pressure is on to optimize your manufacturing operations.  You need to increase quality and production output while lowering cost

  • Product mix is increasing as customers want higher customization.
  • It's tough to keep operators up to date on the latest process changes. 
  • Processes are becoming more complex and require training to capture and systemetize "tribal knowledge".
  • Your clients are becoming more stringent in tracking the quality of the goods you produce for them. 
  • Quality audits are becoming more important, requiring you to produce "as built" documentation.
  • Engineering is designing products using advanced digital technology, and releasing them to the floor more quickly.

While digital technology is impacting all other areas of the business, the last place to get help is the shop floor, where it's needed more than ever.

No need to worry.

There are solutions to the problems you face in upgrading your factory. 

Capnetix combines their deep manufacturing domain experience with Tulips latest in digital tools to advance your shop floor operations.  We can support you all through deployment to the floor with the support you want or need at a comfortable price compared to any alternative.

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